A transparent industry

We understand that customers like to know where their fish comes from and how it’s been handled. That’s why we put everything you’d need to know about Norwegian herring on the label - from the area in which it was caught, to details about its health. 

We were one of the first countries in the world to introduce such a system, helping to cement our status as pioneers within the industry. It’s a vital part of our seafood management process that strengthens consumer confidence in the reliability of Norwegian herring.

For us, traceability is key.

Herring catch certificate

Every single one of our herring can be traced back to our cold, clear waters. Here's how.
Herring catch certificate

The requirement for certification means that from catch to caterer, fish can be tracked and managed through the supply chain. It’s a pioneering and comprehensive tracing system, and one that helps to ensure our industry remains sustainable.