Discover Norway

Norway is surrounded by vast oceans and has built its culture around harnessing the natural resources to hand. The coastline of Norway, including its many fjords and islands, stretches for an incredible 102 936 km. And these cold, crystal clear coastal waters are the perfect habitat for shoals of Norwegian herring.

Welcome to Norway - Seafood nation

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Location matters

The pristine waters off the coast of Norway are brimming with an abundant source of delicious herring that’s full of healthy fats. It’s a resource that’s highly seasonal - different types of herring have their own premium catch periods - but it’s one that Norwegians have relied on for hundreds of years.

Our marine ecosystem is ideal for slow-growing herring, which means our stock has earned a reputation for being packed with fat, nutrition and flavour. And, because this tasty fish swims relatively close to the shoreline, our fishermen have easy access to the supply.

The harbour in a fishing village

Our seas define us

The sea has played an important role in the life and culture of Norway for hundreds of years, providing essential sustenance and the opportunity to trade with other countries. In fact, entire cities have been built on the back of our herring stocks. Even today, it’s safe to say that we love fish here in Norway.

Each Norwegian eats around 46.3 kg of fish annually. The impressive figure goes a little way to explaining why our fishermen are so passionate about what they do. Starting from the moment we drop our purse seines and continuing throughout our supply chain, we treat the waters around our home with the utmost care.